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As external partners, we combine expertise and experience to support you at every stage of your business. We have mastered numerous challenges, during this process we learned to understand owners, managers and employees and worked out ideal solutions with them. We want to bundle this experience and share it with you.


Our team combines a broad range of expertise, professional knowledge paired with a diverse background and is part of a larger group. We share common values and visions for the future and execute in a solution-focused manner. Therein lies our USP. We leverage our individuality as a team and generate maximum synergies for our clients.

Werner Laber

Managing Partner


Marion Derinsu

Project Management


Philip Koniarski

Corporate Development & Strategy


Sandra Krieger

Executive Assistant


Karim Abed Abbas

Partner Digital Ventures


Bernhard Kreutzer

Partner Smart Nutrition


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Mergers & Acquisition

Mergers & Acquisitions can be effective means of creating additional market share or realizing synergies.

Similarly, spin-offs or carve-outs allow companies to focus more on their core business. Such transactions are complex, individual needs and risk profiles should determine the optimal form of financing.

Thanks to our years of experience, we can develop buy & build strategies for you, identify attractive targets and advise you throughout the transaction process.

The decision to sell one's company is an emotionally highly sensitive one.

You hand over your life's work into the hands of a buyer, who needs recognize and share the company's ideals and values. Success depends on careful preparation, a strategy tailored to individual needs and professional implementation.

Together with the owner, we define the sales strategy by finding suitable buyers and managing negotiations. We support and advise you up to the closing.


Succession Management

The search for a successor is not only about entrusting assets but also values to a suitable person.

Statistically, only a few companies pass on to the 4th generation, so early preparation is important. It is not only a matter of securing assets and continuing a successful corporate culture, but also of securing the handover phase financially.

We develop succession strategies and help with internal and external communication. In addition, we select the right candidate from potential internal or external successors. Afterwards, we accompany him or her through this process until the company has achieved a sustainable stability.

Special Situation

Crisis situations are the most challenging stages for companies.

Rational decisions that will determine the survival must be made under high pressure and great uncertainty. In order to choose the right path and not lose sight of the important goals, you need a steady hand and expertise.

By focusing on the important aspects, solutions can be chosen that secure short-term liquidity and operations as well as long-term reorientation. With the right partner at your side, this transformation can be successfully mastered using experience, creativity, and implementation strength.

As hands-on experts with crisis experience, we help you to master these challenging phases. We identify the important tasks and focus our skills and resources on them. Our experienced management specialists are happy to take over management responsibility and lead the company back into calm waters and ensure sustainable stability.


Start up

The start-up phase is demanding, every day there are new challenges and opportunities.

Circumstances change rapidly, so you need a healthy and flexible financial structure. Individually tailored investor models, as well as flexible working capital resources allow to seize potentials and to follow new paths.

For these phases we offer hands-on support or to take over financial as well as management responsibilities.



Expansion does not only secure market share and jobs, but also increases earnings that can be reinvested into the future.

Rapid growth is the goal for most companies, but this is precisely what has doomed many, due to a lack of or wrong kind of capital. Focused venture capital financing and the right strategic partnerships ensure added value. Opportunities drive the expansion process; risks determine the financing model.

For your expansion, we source capital and negotiate with partners and investors to ensure an efficient and well-structured process. We are also happy to support you beyond that and accompany you operationally to guarantee a focused and accelerated growth process.



Investments must be thoroughly analysed and structured, as their great potential also bears uncertainties.

A well-structured calculation model allows to investigate different scenarios and to identify both risks and opportunities, thus, to decide on the advantageousness of investments.

Disruption, Innovation

Through striving for change, one's future can be secured, even when facing strong resistance.
Even if this process is accompanied by uncertainties and risks, in retrospect the results are worth it.

To help you successfully through this transformation, we accompany you as a sparring partner. We have a hands-on mentality and support you in structuring as well as financing your business model.